MobileAir Advanced Air Purifier - For New Cars

A package for the demanding chemical cocktails found inside new cars – a MobileAir, plus an included courier return service, overhaul and complete filter replacement after 9 months.

3 Year Guarantee Included

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That New Car Smell

Don’t you just love that new car smell?  Did you know it comes from chemicals used in making the materials for your car’s interior? Pretty much everything - from the seats, carpet and door panels to the roof and dashboard, contains harmful chemicals which evaporate into the cabin air and, if not ventilated out, are both breathed in by the occupants and partially settle as a thin film around the interior of the car.

These chemicals, known as VOCs (or Volatile Organic Chemicals) are a significant health risk.  If you have a new car, we suggest you don’t enjoy that smell for too long.  Driving with the windows open will help, but as these chemicals are given off for many months – and for years at a reduced level – it’s not always practical.

The MobileAir – For New Cars is specifically designed to remove these chemicals from the cabin air, as well as nearly all the other polluting gases and airborne particles entering the car from outside.  In a new car the MobileAir filter may become saturated after around 9 months instead of the usual 3 years, simply because of how much of these polluting compounds are given off.

Let’s not beat around the bush.  These chemicals are harmful, and especially so to children.  They’re much better off trapped inside a filter than inside your lungs.

The MobileAir New Car Version is the same, reliable advanced air purifier but comes with a filter replacement service after 9 months. We collect your MobileAir, change the filters, check everything’s working as expected, and return it to you. Because it’s so important to have clean filters we offer this package at a discount to the separate prices.
Dimensions: 25 x 20 x 7cm   Weight 1.8kg

How to Fix MobileAir to your vehicleMobileAir Filter Technology
Managing Airflow
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Filter Replacement Service

Fixing the MobileAir in your Vehicle

MobileAir is supplied with two sets of Velcro™ hook & loop strips.

We recommend that you fix the two hook strips – the fluffier ones – to the base of the MobileAir, near the end edge of the unit. If installing the unit under one of the front seats onto the carpet this will suffice to hold the unit in place during normal operation and allow for easy removal or replacement when preferred. The hooks will grip the carpet.

If installing the MobileAir in the boot of a hatchback, 4x4 or estate, you may prefer to fix it to the side of the boot compartment. To do so, fix the loop strips to the side of the vehicle in the desired location. Press down firmly on the strips and leave for a few hours before attaching the MobileAir to ensure a good bond. Apply the same process for other, un-carpeted installation areas.

As you may wish to move the MobileAir from time-to-time, depending on passenger comfort, we have supplied 2 sets of the loop strips for convenience. When moving the unit to another location take care not to pull the loop strips off the vehicle unintentionally.

Do not fix the unit above seat height or near any airbag exit point

MobileAir Filter Technology

MobileAir contains the most effective filter technology available today, combining double layers of particulate and gas filters.

The Particulate Filter

Top quality purifiers often boast of their use of ‘HEPA’ (High Efficiency Particulate Absorber) filters, defined as able to remove 99.97% of particles larger than 0.3 microns (really very small – a single human hair is around 250 times as thick).  Less reputable brands may talk of ‘HEPA-like’ filters which is jargon for ‘Not a HEPA filter but you probably won’t know’.

The smaller the particle, the more readily it can get into your lungs and your blood stream, ending up inside your cells throughout your body.

The MobileAir contains two layers of Super HEPA – acting as a barrier to 99.99% of particles as small as 0.1 microns – or 1/10,000 of a mm.  Unlike traditional pleated HEPA filters Super HEPA is not manufactured with glues, binders or fibreglass and is ideal for users with chemical sensitivities.

The Gas Filter

The ONLY way to remove significant quantities of gaseous pollutants is with activated carbon. The source of the carbon, the method used to activate it, the size of particle, and various chemical processes all affect how well the filter will remove different polluting gases from the air.
The MobileAir uses Vocarb - a proprietary blend of carbons especially engineered to have the maximum effect on both nitrogen dioxide (NO₂) , the chief gaseous concern from diesel emissions and the numerous VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds) given off by vehicle interiors  and which react with N0₂ to form equally hazardous ozone.

Many purifiers claiming to have carbon filters contain just a few grams of a standard carbon.  Not only is the exact type of carbon important but these filters work by attracting the gases to their surface, so the more carbon, the better the filter and the longer it will last.  Many alternatives MobileAir contains a massive 2 lbs (900 g) of bespoke activated carbon granules, to create the longest lasting, most effective purifier on the road.

In general use the filters in a MobileAir will need replacing after 3 years.  However, in the heavily-polluted environment of a new car (yes, sorry) we strongly recommend changing the filters after the first 9 months.

Managing airflow with MobileAir


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