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COVID-19 Update

Extended Opening Hours until further notice.  Mon - Sat 09.00 to 19.00
As one of the UK's experts on air quality we remain open to provide advice and solutions to air quality issues - including airborne coronavirus. Certain quality air purifiers will remove viruses from the air, reducing the potential risk of cross-infection indoors or in a vehicle.  Our shop contains examples of relevant products and we have other solutions available. Talk to us - especially in regard to shared work-spaces, care homes, shared work vehicles and for working from home with a family.
We currently have good stock availability.  Video chat is available for remote assessments.


Air Purification Solutions

Advice & Solutions to Indoor Air Pollution & Covid-19


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How air pollution impacts our health


Indoors, exhaled coronavirus floats in the air, even when masks are worn, causing further infections. At Plain Air we are experts at assessing this risk in your indoor space and providing practical advice & solutions.
- Risk reduction assessment
- Ventilation advice
- Purification solutions - purchase or lease
- On-site or remote assessment
Rather than being yet another pandemic expense the right solutions can actually save you money.

Our Solutions

Air Purification

Different types of pollution or viruses and different budgets call for an individual and scientific approach to breathing cleaner, safer air.


Resolving air quality at work is one of the most cost-effective improvements you can make. Increased ventilation and reduced air pollution improve productivity, reduce absenteeism and make everyone healthier. And significantly reduce the risks from airborne viruses.


Reducing pollution inside your home is as much about changing your habits as it is about purifying the air. There's an art to letting indoor air pollution out without just replacing it with problems from outside.


Pretty much the worst place to be if you value clean air. However, for the first time it's now possible to remove fine particulate AND gaseous pollution from the air you breath inside your car...

More About Air Pollution In The UK

If you know what you're doing, reducing air pollution for you, your family or your employees can be extremely cost-effective, improving health, comfort and profits. Please browse the site and we're always here to discuss individual concerns or questions. We are an air purification solutions company based in Exeter, UK. We're also still quite new, so new articles, information and accredited products will be appearing regularly

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Air Purification


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“There is a marked improvement in air quality within the car.”

M G - Cambridgeshire

“I've used MobileAir in conjunction with an air pollution monitor and you can see the impact almost immediately.”


“Journeys are more pleasant and comfortable, helping to reduce stress and fatigue”

Verified Customer - UK

I wanted to let you know that I am very satisfied with the performance of the AllerAir machine“”

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