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Solving Air Pollution in the Car
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Vehicle Air Pollution

The very worst air pollution isn’t at the side of the road; it’s inside our cars. Rather than a barrier to pollution, a car acts like a magnet.  
Pollution levels can be 10 x those outside and, once it’s in, the only place for it to go is into our lungs.  
It’s invisible, mostly odourless, and it’s gradually killing us.

What are drivers doing to reduce the damage to themselves and their families?

What is the Solution?

Until recently, no one has paid serious attention to the levels of air pollution inside vehicles.  Despite hundreds of products being marketed as car air purifiers virtually every one is almost completely unable to do the job needed.

We extensively researched the car air purifier market, looking for these requirements:

A massive activated carbon filter, capable of trapping gas pollutants for years.
A quality, robust unit that can be swapped between vehicles and is so simple to install and operate you might forget it's there.
A super-fine (HEPA) filter, able to trap the greatest range of particulates and viruses.

Of all the products marketed as car air purifiers around the world, the number that we found that will actually remove all the major pollutants and will keep doing so for year after year - without costing a fortune in replacement filters, was... ONE.

May we introduce you to the MobileAir?  

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Do Your Part... And Save Money

Only a very privileged few can afford to stop driving or buy an electric vehicle. However, Lightfoot allows all of us to drive a cleaner car with a cleaner conscience. The University of Bath verified that Lightfoot reduces CO2, NOX, and particulate emissions by 10-20%. So now you can reduce pollution inside and outside the car, and the savings made through Lightfoot can fund the cost of ownership of both Lightfoot AND MobileAir.

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For the complete vehicle solution – a MobileAir, a Lightfoot and (where available for your vehicle), a fitted, high-efficiency cabin particle filter.

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