In 2020, a new form of air pollution moved right to the top of everyone’s list of things to worry about.

Tiny particles, drifting in air currents, are breathed into your lungs, causing short and long-term health issues, reducing life expectancy and causing governments to take action to reduce the dangers and the economic fall-out.

Coronavirus, in this respect, differs from ‘normal’ particulate pollution only in that the health consequences are seen more quickly.  By August, after 6 months of rampant pandemic, the number of deaths attributed to Covid-19 in the UK was actually about the same as the number thought to die from air pollution in a normal year.  From our viewpoint, airborne coronavirus is just another form of air pollution which can be managed in traditional ways.

Of course you can catch Covid-19 directly from others, or from infected surfaces, too, but from an airborne viewpoint, measures to remove indoor air pollution are equally as effective on coronavirus.

The key to managing indoor airborne risk lies with ventilation.  Not the ‘open-the-window-for-a-bit’ type of ventilation, but a careful balance between introducing external air, pollution control, temperature management, purification and, of course, cost.
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Covid Risk Calculator

Thanks to work from the University of Colorado we have developed a calculator for estimating the risk of catching airborne Covid-19 within your specific business premises.  Once we know the risks we can create a tailored ventilation policy to make the air cleaner, reduce Covid-19 risk and improve overall health, all for less than the cost of just opening the windows.

Our report will quantify the before and after risks.  We will show you how to protect those you’re responsible for, safely bring more people back to work, allow more customers into your business and, crucially, improve profits.

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