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As well as affecting the current health and long-term well-being of your employees, the quality of air in the workplace is important to you for another reason – productivity.

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Doubling the ventilation rate cost less than £32 per person per year and improved employee performance by 8%, or £5,200 a year
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Studies show that an increase in ventilation – reducing a build-up of CO₂, ozone and VOCs (chemicals given off by the materials that make up the interiors of most buildings) can have a significant beneficial effect on employees’ attention spans, productivity and absences through sickness.  However, simply opening windows allows in pollution from outside and turning up the air conditioning merely re-circulates pollutants.  But a managed combination of ventilation and air purification can bring benefits to the workplace far greater than the cost of implementation.
A bespoke solution to air quality might be one of the best investments you make.  


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The quality of the air you breathe at work affects you in many ways.  Headaches, sleepiness, an inability to concentrate and a worsening of respiratory illnesses are all potential signs of insufficient ventilation or air pollution that affect you both immediately and in the long-term.
Your health at work is partly your employer’s responsibility, and they have a vested interest in looking after you.  So, if you’re at all concerned about the air you breathe, and your employer isn’t switched on to the dangers of air pollution, point them towards us.  Alternatively, get in touch  and we’ll speak to them to get the ball rolling.  Good quality air benefits the company as well as you.


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