Air Pollution

air pollution

What do you know about Air Pollution?

Reading this suggests you’re switched on enough to realise that air pollution is a serious issue. Here are some of the air pollution facts

How much pollution you’re exposed to depends a lot on your habits.

- The route you take to work or on the school run
- When you open windows for ‘fresh’ air
- Which windows you open (yes, really!)
- What deodorant, hair and cleaning products you use
- Whether you have carpets or hard floors
- The type of fuel you cook and heat the house with
- Using a wood burner or open fire
- How you use the air vents in your car

Air pollution affects different people in different ways

- Unborn children (pregnant women)
- Infants
- Young Children
- Anyone with breathing issues
- The elderly
‍- Anyone with heart or circulatory diseases

The fact about air pollution is there is no ‘safe’ level of air pollution. It is thought that 50% of all illnesses are caused or exacerbated by pollution and that we can expect to die up to two years early on average at current levels.

At Plain Air we give you the facts about air pollution and individual advice on how you limit the exposure of you and your family.  We can tell you what to do and what not to do, what you buy and what to avoid. Even when to keep your windows closed. And importantly, how to see the effects of your actions.

We offer consultations in your home, office or over the telephone.
So before you take any action talk to us at Plain Air, for some straightforward advice.


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