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Air pollution is big news

Every year in the UK tens of thousands of us have our lives cut short by pollution and countless others suffer serious illnesses, allergies and other health problems. We’ve got so used to it we don’t even notice it most of the time. But it’s killing us. Smog over cities, and clouds of exhaust from vehicles are easy to see but much of the most dangerous pollution is invisible and odourless.  And the worst pollution certainly isn’t where most people expect to find it – far higher levels than even the headline readings recorded at the roadside are routinely found inside your car and home. So what are most of us doing to reduce the danger to ourselves and our families?  Nothing at all.

We Are Plain air

Why are we here?

To provide you with effective air purification solutions in the UK. Plain Air identifies the real risks to you in your home, your workplace and your car.  We provide individual unbiased advice and air purification solutions, enabling you to protect yourself, your family or your employees with cost-effective solutions and some simple changes in habits.


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Plain Air researches and delivers advanced air purification solutions.
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