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In light of the extreme risks from Covid 19 we provide remote consulting and solutions to management and to relatives of residents in care homes.
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Combine good cleaning and ventilation with purification - and forget scented products.

High quality purifiers, properly specified, can effectively remove airborne virus from individual bedrooms and communal spaces.  Airborne transmission is now thought to be an important infection route for Covid 19:

- Airborne transmission risk can be reduced through a combination of ventilation and air purification

- Reducing viral load may reduce severity of symptoms

- Cleaner air will improve other respiratory issues, leaving the body better able to cope with illness

- Knowing that everything possible is being done can bring peace of mind to residents, families and staff.

Re-evalute Air Circulation Systems

Air quality measures should always be instigated in conjunction with a bespoke ventilation policy.  With Covid 19, we suggest re-evaluating the use of internal air recirculation systems.
Plain Air can often provide a complete assessment and solution delivery within a few days.
Whether you are the owner or manager of a care home, a staff member, or a concerned relative, please get in touch.

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