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One out, one in

Keeping the air indoors free from unhealthy levels of pollution is not straightforward.  Good habits and a bit of education can significantly reduce your exposure. Diligent cleaning can make a big impact and then you need to let gases and humidity escape by ventilating your home.  But this is just the opposite of what you need to do to keep outdoor pollution outside...

Combine good cleaning and ventilation with purification - and forget scented products.

Ditch the Wood-burner

Modern lifestyles have led to an enormous increase in indoor pollution issues, and resurrected some old problems.  Today the biggest source of indoor pollution is wood-burners, followed by open fires and gas cookers.  If you use a wood-burner, you really are putting your family’s health at risk.

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Can you smell it?

Getting to grips with pollution in the home means re-learning some ideas.  Generally, if you can smell it, it’s bad for you.  Air fresheners, scented candles, cleaning products, aerosol deodorants – all fill the air with harmful particles and chemicals that you really don’t want to be breathing in.

Why not book a telephone consultation with us? We’ll ask you detailed questions about your home and habits and provide you with a bespoke set of recommendations for reducing pollution.

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Our Solutions

Use a Quality Air Purifier

An effective air purifier will remove a range of pollutants from your indoor air - from dust and pollen to harmful particulates and gases.
A different model will be most suitable for different conditions and settings and the choice will be dependent upon the room size, particular pollutant concerns, required features and, of course, budget.
We REALLY encourage you not to buy without advice.  So many purifiers really won't do what they claim - even buying from a household name manufacturer is no protection.
We don't hold indoor purifiers in stock - there are just too many options to be sure we'll always have the ones you need - but we can guarantee to find you the very best price on any recommendation.

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