Lightfoot – Less Harm, more Miles

Lightfoot drivers create up to 20% less pollution, have 40% fewer accidents and reduce wear & tear by 45%. Tread a little more lightly and gain up to 20% more miles from every tank and benefit from a generous rewards package.

£ 230.00 

More Details

Lightfoot sits on your dashboard and, by reading your engine data, gives you live visual and (optional) audio feedback to tell you how efficiently you’re driving. 

In conjunction with the free app, you will become a safer and more efficient driver, see how you rank, become an Elite Driver, manage business and private journeys, check vehicle health and get MOT and tax reminders.  

On average drivers save the cost of Lightfoot within the first year from fuel savings alone and the Lightfoot Rewards package can save you hundreds of £s each year on your normal household expenditure (for example 7.5% at major high street stores, 4% off at Tesco, 5% off at Sainsburys).


Optional £3.99/month subscription lets you:

- Track your score in your driving dashboard
- Access over 100 retail and venue discounts
- Enter exciting prize and cash competitions
- Monitor vehicle health (fault diagnostics and alerts)
- Manage business mileage expense reporting
- Configure your Lightfoot settings
- First month’s subscription FREE

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