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The Package

- MobileAir Advanced Vehicle Air Purifier
- Lightfoot – with fixings, app and rewards
- Quality particulate filter – further improving interior air quality*
- Car Air Management Guide 

Improve the interior air by up to 90% and your emissions by up to 20% 

*The particulate filter replaces your car’s existing ‘pollen’ filter. Quality filters are available for most car models and can either be fitted at home (instructions are provided) or as part of your annual service.  You should ask your garage not to replace the filter again at the service if you have installed this yourself.  Your service costs should be reduced either way as a new filter will not be required from the garage.

When you order the Ultimate Car Package we will ask you for your vehicle registration so we can determine the appropriate filter. 

Individual Prices:   
MobileAir - £499
Lightfoot - £149
Particulate Filter - £40 
Individual Total - £688 
Package Price - £648


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