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At Plain Air we do our utmost to find, test and supply the very best equipment from around the world to enable our customers to live, work and relax in the cleanest and healthiest air possible.

Regular followers will know that we are immensely proud of the MobileAir – in our opinion the most effective vehicle air purifier in the world.  Engineered in aluminium by AllerAir of Canada, the MobileAir removes fine particulates, nitrogen dioxide and gaseous volatile organic compounds from the air inside your car – the air you and your family typically inhale for an hour each day – and it’s easily the most polluted air you probably breathe.

Using an air purifier, even the very best you can buy, won’t make a great deal of difference unless you use it in an enclosed space.  In a car or other vehicle this means shutting off the flow of air from the outside so you can properly clean the air inside. There's a video showing you how to do this here.

Plain Air’s mission is all about protecting you, your family and, if you run a business,your employees, from the effects of air pollution.  In our on-going search for cost-effective solutions that really work we recently discovered Lightfoot®.


Now Lightfoot doesn’t directly improve the air quality around you.  Instead, through advanced software linked to your car’s engine management system, it subtly influences your driving behaviour through visual and/or audible cues, reducing fuel consumption and therefore the air quality outside your car to everyone’s benefit.

And it’s certainly not just for the environmentally minded.  Lightfoot comes with a driver incentive ‘Rewards’package, giving substantial discounts and savings across a large proportion of high street shops, restaurants and supermarkets.  Combined with fuel savings the average driver can save over £700 a year whilst also reducing their environmental impact.

With sensors sourced in the Far East, and purifiers from Canada, just how far did we have to go to find our latest product? About 10 miles down the road in rural Devon.  In fact the Exeter area is fast becoming a world-leading centre for air pollution research and solutions so we weren’t that surprised.

We’re delighted to have formed a relationship between the two businesses, enabling us to offer this innovative product directly through Plain Air.  We truly believe that every vehicle should have a Lightfoot fitted and it’s already been installed in tens of thousands of vehicles belonging to private motorists as well as large and small businesses.

We’re particularly excited to launch the Ultimate Car Package, the world’s first solution designed to significantly improve the air quality both inside and outside the car and,over the course of just one year, to be entirely self-funding.

The Ultimate Car Package comprises:

MobileAir – Advanced purifier removing ultrafine particulates and gaseous pollution

Lightfoot® - Reducing fuel consumption and reducing emissions

High Efficiency fitted particle filter – Removing larger particulates before they enter the cabin

Airflow management advice – ensuring the best possible air quality

Ultimate Car Package

Lightfoot and MobileAir are a perfect fit.  Still, some may wonder how improving the air quality outside the car improves the health of the occupants – the stated aim of all Plain Air recommendations.  Well it doesn’t directly.  Yet the same enhanced driver awareness that Lightfoot creates, leading to 10 - 20% fuel savings and emission reductions also makes drivers safer.  Much safer. Analysis shows that drivers switching to Lightfoot have 40% fewer at-fault accidents.  In our book that makes Lightfoot a truly worthy addition to our stable.

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