Do You Have ANY Idea What Your Air is Really Like?

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Do you have a particular air pollution issue?  Does your home or workplace suffer from abnormally high contamination?  What’s the air quality like in your car?

Almost everybody’s answer to this would have to be “I have no idea”.  You can’t see, or even generally smell, the most hazardous contaminants.  You might believe that you live or work in an area of especially high or low pollution but it’s such a localised issue that general information is pretty unhelpful.  Your living room might be a healthy environment while your kitchen has very poor quality air.  The office air might be fine in the morning but positively awful in the afternoon. Your car cabin could be tolerable on the way to the supermarket and damaging your health on the school run and commute.

Fair enough, it’s not easy to tell. And if you can’t tell you can’t do anything about it.  Which is why Plain Air offers a range of testing services so you can make informed decisions and take useful action.

We can test your air indoors or in-vehicle.  We can sell you a sensor, rent you a sensor or test the air for you, in different locations, at different times.  We can analyse the results, make recommendations, write reports.  And generally we aim to do this so ensure you get useful, actionable information cheaply.

Everyone has different needs, concerns and circumstances and so we don’t have fixed price options. Simply, if you’re interested, perhaps for yourself or perhaps on behalf of someone else or your work, give us a call for a chat.

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